Know about the history and origin of Kolhapur city of Maharahtra, India.

History of Kolhapur

Satara and Kolhapur states came into being in 1707, due to the succession dispute over the Maratha kingship. The ruling family of Kolhapur is of common ancestry with the Bhonsle dynasties of Tanjore and Satara. They are the descent of the Sisodia Rajputs, which is the same descent as the ancient rulers of Chittor and Udaipur.

Apparent heir of the Maratha kingdom, Shahu Shivaji was captured by the Mughals at the age of nine, and kept in the prison up to the death of his father in 1700. Dowager Maharani Tara Bai proclaimed his younger half-brother, and her son, Shahu Sambhaji as Chhatrapati Maharaj under her regency.

Under certain conditions, Mughals released Shahu Shivaji in 1707, and returned to claim his inheritance. He defeated the Tara Bai at the battle of Khed and established himself at Satara. The Maharani retired herself with her son at Kolhapur.

After the collapse of the Maratha confederacy in 1812, Kolhapur entered into treaty with the HEIC. The state acceded to the Dominion of India on 14th August 1947 and merged with Bombay on 1st March 1949.