Maharashtra Tourism
Kolhapur is an important city in the state of Maharashtra.


Kolhapur is one of the cities, which are worth to be visited in Maharashtra. There are number of forts in this old city. Descended from its historic events, the city has many historical monuments and sites. During the periods of Satavahana kings and the Shilaharas, the magnificent temples of Kolhapur were constructed.

Kolhapur has number of tourist sites. The architecture of New Palace offers the visitors a combination of Jain and Hindu influences from Gujarat and Rajasthan, and local Rajwada style.

Chhatrapati Sahu Museum in the palace is also worth to visit. Rankala Lake, Old Palace, Town Hall Museum and Mahalaxmi are other sites, which are worth to visit. One can also organize excursions to Panhala, Vishalgad, Bhudargad, Paargad, Narasimha Wadi, Giroli Tourist Park, Dajipur Bison Sanctuary and Amboli, which are not so far from Kolhapur.

As far as shopping in Kolhapur is concerned, the city can be called as shoppers' delight. The city is famous for its Kolhapuri saaj, Kolhapuri chappals and Kolhapuri sarees. Har and malas, mohanmal, bormal, chaplahar, kolhapuri saaj, pohehar and putlihar are the jewelleries, which can attract that tourists' eye.

As Kolhapur is situated in higher altitude, normally it prevails cool weather. The city is well connected by road, air and train. While the mouth watering hot Kolhapuri cuisines are always to be tasted once.