Maharashtra Tourism
Here are some useful and important tips for travellers touring Maharashtra.

Tips for tourists

Emergency Numbers
  • Police - 100
  • Fire Force - 101
  • Railway Enquiry - 301
Customs to keep in Mind
  • Not only in Maharsahtra but also in whole India, tourists have to remove shoes before entering any shrine.
  • Tourists are prohibited from using alcoholic beverages or speaking in a raised voice on the premises of any shrine.
  • Women are advised to dress properly, and should cover their head before entering a Sikh Gurudwara or a mosque.
  • Visitors are supposed to step the right foot first into the courtyard when anybody enters a mosque.
  • All leather products like shoes, belts, handbags, camera cases etc. are prohibited in some Hindu and Jain temples.
  • Visitors are to wash their hands and feet under a tap or tank available on the premises before entering the shrines.
  • No visitor in a gurudwara should keep his feet pointing towards the Holy Book or step over any one sitting in prayer or meditation.
  • While spinning a prayer wheel of any Buddhist monastery, one must always remember to follow the clockwise direction.
  • Cushions and chairs inside the monastery are reserved for lamas (monks). Visitors may sit on the steps outside or on the floor.
  • Incase one gets the opportunity to meet a Rimpoche (head lama) or a respected monk, it's polite not to turn one's back on him while leaving.
  • Also removing the hat and lowering an umbrella within the confines of a monastery is advisable. This courtesy is also observed in the presence of a lama.

Official and most common language of Maharashtra is Marathi. However, both Hindi and English are also widely spoken.