Maharashtra Tourism
Museums of maharashtra are the repository of heritage and culture of state.

Maharashtra Museums

Maharashtra has as many as around 13 famous Museums, which preserve different types of antique items and works of art. Having a look at the Tribal Museum in Pune would enable the visitors why the tribal life is unique and colourful. A visit at the Coin Museum in Nashik offers a vast idea of Indian coinage from the earliest period to the modern times with the help of coins, moulds, dyes, replicas, photographs, and brief write-ups.

Prince of Wales Museum in Mumabi offers items of natural history, Indian miniature painting, decorative art and Tibetan and Nepali art, European painting, armoury and textile galleries. It is like experiencing a bunch of 5,000 years of Indian art. The Jehangir Art Gallery, Mani Bhavan Mahatma Gandhi Museum, National Maritime Museum, Taraporewala Aquarium and the Veermata Jeejamata Museum are all located in Mumbai.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Tribal Museum and Museum of Arthropoda in Pune and Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum in Kolhapur are the other famous museums of Maharashtra.

Coin Museum
Coin Museum is in Nasik, Maharashtra. The museum has a fine collection of research and well-documented history of Indian currencies. Coin Museum was established in 1980 under the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies.

Jehangir Art Gallery
Jehangir Art Gallery is located at Kala Ghoda locality of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Constructed in 1952, this art gallery is the most prestigious and modern venue for Indian artistes in the city.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum
Mani Bhavan Mahatma Gandhi Museum is located on Laburnam Road, Mumbai in Maharashtra. Its location is near the August Kranti Maidan, where 'Quit India' movement was launched in 1942.

National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museum is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The museum preserves the historical treasures of India obtained from other countries and models of ships built in Mumbai.

Prince of Wales Museum
Prince of Wales Museum is in Mumbai. The museum was named after Prince George (later George V) who visited India in 1905 and laid the foundation stone of the building.

Raja Dinkar Museum
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is in Pune, Maharashtra. The museum has nearly around 20,000 collections of objects paintings, handicrafts, armour-suits, musical instruments and many other objects of art and artifacts collected from all over the world.

Chhatrapati Museum
Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum is at New Palace in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Curious and interesting collections from the possessions of Maharaja Shahaji Chhatrapati like guns, trophies and clothes are preserved here.

Shri Bhavani Museum
Shri Bhavani Museum in Aundh, which is 48 km from Satara in Maharashtra. The museum has 500 miniature paintings of all major schools - Jaipur, Kangra, Mughal, Punjab, Bijapur, Pahadi and Maratha of the period between 15th and 19th century.

Taraporewala Aquarium
Taraporewala Aquarium is at congested locality of Marine Drive in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has marine life and rare species of fishes and exquisite pearl jewellery.

Tribal Museum
Tribal Museum is located at Pune in Maharashtra. It is near the railway line, which is just east to the railway station. Maharashtra is a vast state and there are a number of tribals in this state. Having different languages,

Veermata Museum
Veermata Jeejamata Museum, also known as Victoria and Albert Museum is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This museum is also known as Bhau Daji Lad Museum, as Bhau Daji Lad put all his efforts to establish this museum.