Maharashtra Tourism
Nagpur is one of the most important cities of Maharashtra, India.


Nagpur Orange, MaharashtraNagpur is one of the major industrial cities of Maharashtra. This district is famous for its orange productions. Many big and leading companies open their base in this city. Many businessmen come to this city everyday for this reason. As it is one of the major cities of Maharashtra, it is well connected by train, air and road with other parts of the Maharashtra state and India. Two flights are arrived and departed for Mumbai from Nagpur airport everyday.

In Nagpur, visitors can enjoy the cool environment of Gavilgad Fort, which is 200-300 years old. Lonar Lake is the third largest natural salt-water lake in the world. Marbat and Ramjanam rath yatra are the local festivals, which are enjoyed by the millions every month. Visiting the city during this time is really enjoying. Tourists can also organized excursions for Adasa, Khekranala, Markanda, Dhapewada, Nagardhan, Nawegaon Dam, Ramtek and Pavnar.

Nagpur Excursions
Adasa is located at a distance of 45 km from Nagpur. This small village has a plethora of ancient and magnificent temples. There is also a Ganapati Temple here, which is worth to be visited. The idol of the Lord is a single stone, set up to facilitate

Nagpur Tourist Attractions
It is located near the hill station of Chikhaldara in Amravati district. The Hindu rulers originally constructed Gavilgad fort. It is located at a height of about 370 ft above sea level (MSL). Historians believe that it is 200-300 years old, although the fort's

Nagpur Entertainment
There are number of movie theatres in Nagpur. Here, one can enjoy Hollywood, Bollywood and Marathi films. Marathi theatre is known to be one of the oldest and well established of regional theatres in India. So, one can enjoy the taste of

Nagpur Fairs & Festivals
Marbat is celebrated only in the Nagpur region, especially in the Nagpur city. People prepare statues of evil forces and take out procession in this festival. These statues are burnt at the end, and assumed that all evil forces are burnt. It is believed

History of Nagpur
Gond prince of Deogad kingdom, Bhakt Buland, founded Nagpur in the early 18th century in the Chhindwara district. He tried to change the life of Nagpur as his new capital after seeing the advantage of civilized life of Delhi. His successor Chand Sultan

How to Reach Nagpur
Nagpur is connected with domestic flights with the cities of Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi Hyderabad, Pune, Bhubaneswar and Raipur. Nagpur's Sonegaon airport is nearly 8 km south of the city. Two flights arrived Nagpur daily from Mumbai.

Nagpur Accommodation
As the orange production of Nagpur are so large, many businessmen as well as tourists visit the city everyday. To cater this ever increasing need, many government as well as private hotels are opening day by day in the city.

Nagpur Travel Tips
Winter is regarded to be the best time to visit Nagpur. But is advisable to carry cardigans as the temperature falls down below 120 C in December. It will be useful to carry a first aid box as well.

Nagpur Shopping
Nagpur being a major city of Maharashtra has quite wide ranges of shopping places. Street shops are there at major streets for fashionable items as well as the show rooms for the deeper pockets. Sitabuldi, WHC Road,