Maharashtra Tourism
Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is an important city of India.


Surrounded with green hills and placid lakes and having a salubrious climate, Pune is known as the Queen of the Deccan and Oxford of the East. This cultural capital of Maharashtra is among the greenest urban areas in India. Being witnessed the ups and downs of the Maratha Empire and its great ruler Shivaji, Pune has lot to narrate about its historic past.

Pune is now a center for Marathi theatre, education, crafts, culture and art. The city has one of the India's oldest universities that attract students both from India and abroad. In coarse of time, Pune is becoming a commercial hub for Maharashtra state next to Mumbai with the investors and MNCs showing interest to this city.

Here, one can enjoy the narrow but historic lanes of the walled city as well as the spacious and dazzling streets of the new city. Pune offers both traditional Maharashtra as well as the up-to-date and lively new look Maharashtra. Enjoy!

Pune Excursions
Tourists can visit Panset Dam for water sports. Here one can try kayaking or wind surfing at the newly developed water sports complex. Special facilities for speedboats and water scooters too are available.

Pune Tourist Attractions
Osho Ashram, also known as the Osho Communal Centre is located at the greenery area of 17 Koregoan Park of the city. The Ashram offers a variety of expensive courses on meditation. Osho Ashram attracts

Pune Entertainment
Being a modern city, Pune offers a lot to culture and music buffs, food and fashion lovers. Discotheques and pubs are there in the Cantonment area. 'Rain dances' and beauty pageants are held regularly

Pune Fairs and Festivals
This is the most important and biggest festival in Pune. It falls on the 4th day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada (August - September). People buy Ganesh images to keep in their houses as a divine guest for five to ten days.

Pune History
Rulers of different dynasties have ruled Pune. Evidence found as copper plates of 758 AD and of 768 AD reveal that the Rashtrakootas ruled this region at that time. The Pune Gazetteer explains the term Pune as Punya

How to Reach Pune
Indian Airlines and other private airlines are providing regular flights to Pune from Delhi. Three different flights arrived from Mumbai daily. There are four flights a week to Chennai and Bangalore. Pune city is only 12 km from the Airport

Pune Accommodation
Puran Poli (a paratha stuffed with jaggery and dal), Aamti (masala dal), and Alu chi Vadi (steamed arbi leaves, fried in an unusual sweet and spicy masala) are the traditional Maharashtrian cuisines that are served at the Pune restaurants

Pune Travel Tips
September to June is the best time to visit Pune. The winters are fairly cool and the monsoons have heavy rains. Visiting Lonavala and Khandala are best during this season, which is not far from Pune.

Pune Shopping
Tulsi Baug is a noisy and unorganized market area with temporary stalls and lined shops. But here, tourists can get household items; jewellery, Maharashtrians traditional wares, pearl nose ring, necklace and the nine-yard sarees from this busy market.