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Know about Dindi and Kala folk dance of the state of Maharashtra.

Dindi and Kala

Folk Dances, MaharashtraDindi and Kala are the religious folk dances in Maharashtra, which expresses religious ecstasy. Young women perform a variety of folk dances known as phugadis on the occasion of Mangalagouri Puja as well.

Farmers observe the Bharadi Gauri festival by singing and dancing. Hadga or Bhondla, performed by the unmarried girls or newly married girls is also an important folk dance form of Maharsahtra. Ghagar Phunkane, exclusively performed by women of the Sitapavan Brahman at the time of Mahalaksmi worship in the bright half of Asvin is another ecstatic folk dance.

Dindi is performed during ekadashi day in the month of Kartik in Maharashtra. Dindi is a small drum used by the musicians during the performance of this dance form. The musicians in the centre that comprises of a Mridangam player and a vocalist, balances the rhythm of the dancers. When the dancers accelerate the rhythm, they form two rows, stamp their right feet, bow, and advance with their left feet, making geometric formations. The dance describes the playfulness of Lord Krishna.

The Kala dance also showcases the playfulness of Lord Krishna. Beat and the rhythm are the main attractions of this dance form. A group of dancers form a double-tiered circle with other dancers on their shoulders. A man breaks the pot and splashes curds over the naked torsos of the dancers. The dancers twirl sticks and swords in a feverish battle dance after this ceremonial opening.