Maharashtra Tourism
Know about the historical Bassein/Vasai Fort of Maharashtra.

Bassein Fort

Bassein Fort is located at Vasai, about 55 km from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat, built the fort. The main gate of this large fort leads to a small courtyard; from here one can climb the ramparts to take a look at the old structures, which are now in ruined conditions.

Despite the fort is so old and in the condition of ageing, there are many remains, which are still livens the wonderful architecture of the olden days. Three chapels inside the fort are in the condition, which can be easily recognized. They have facades typical of 17th century Portuguese churches. The southernmost of these has a well-preserved barrel vaulted ceiling. Many of the watchtowers still stand so strong, with secure staircases.

Bassein was ruled over by many rulers such as the Portuguese, the Marathas and finally the British and in the course of time Bassein became a flourishing shipbuilding centre and the famous Bassein stone was very much in demand.