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Find information on fairs and festivals of Nagpur city, Maharashtra.

Fair and Festivals of Nagpur

Marbat is celebrated only in the Nagpur region, especially in the Nagpur city. People prepare statues of evil forces and take out procession in this festival. These statues are burnt at the end, and assumed that all evil forces are burnt. It is believed that the city would be free from all types of evils after it.

This festival is organized on the birthday of Ramchandra. Ramjanam is celebrated with great enthusiasm and brotherhood in Nagpur. A rath yatra is taken out from the Ram Mandir to major parts of the city. Rath yatra is the procession of God Shri Ramchandraji on chariot. The rath yatra wraps up at the same location where it started.

To welcome Ram Chandraji, nearly 2,00,000 people gathers on both sides of the streets. Procession starts with the youngsters on skating wearing traditional dresses. Tribal dances are also performed in front of the chariot. Wearing masks of different Gods, like Ganesh and Hanuman, young boys and girls march ahead of chariot.