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Know all about different types of jewellery designs and patterns popular in Maharashtra.


Jewellery, MaharashtraAs Maharashtra is the land of Marathas and Peshwas, women wear traditional jewelleries derived from these two dynasties. Another very much popular jewellery for the Marathi women is Kolhapuri saaj, a special type of necklace. It is designed in other parts of Maharashtra as well, but Kolhapuri saaj is the most famous one.

Different types of bangles like Patlya, Bangdya and Tode are the typical jewellery on the hands of women in Maharashtra. Maharashtrians fond of pearls are vivid in their Chinchpet (choker), Tanmani (short necklace) and Nath (nose ring). The Bajuband (the amulet) is also a favourite. Earrings with flower-shaped are a popular as well.