Maharashtra Tourism
With green hills, beautiful lakes and forests, Sahyadri/Western Ghats is known to be a trekker's paradise.

Trekking in The Sahyadris

In Maharashtra, Western Ghats is called Sahyadri in local Marathi language. Sahyadri is known to be a trekker's paradise with green hills, dotted lakes and forests all around. This region is popular for its incredible historic forts and wonderful ancient Buddhist caves.

Sahyadris are not very high hills but they are extremely rocky. This can give some with some unique, formidable pinnacles for the avid rock climber. Trekking in the Sahyadri would make the trekkers to the medieval forts. These treks are classified according to region as - Nasik region, Pune region, Koyna-Satara region and Warna-Amboli region, which are still unexplored by people.