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Pitalkhora, consisting of 14 Buddhist Caves, is one of the earliest centres of the rock-cut architecture.

Pitalkhora Caves

Pitalkhora Caves, which dates back to 2nd century BC are only 40 km away from Ellora caves at Aurangabad. One can see here many unusual sculptures like Yaksa figures. The main gate has a wide terrace, with the naga and guardians flanking the door, and a row of elephants decorate the complex. A stair directly connects the entrance to the chaitya. A group of viharas, a chaitya hall, and two smaller caves across the gorge with stupas consist the complex.

Animal motifs, miniature chaitya windows, elephants, guardians, and yaksa figures can be seen as sculptures in this cave. The Pitalkhora chaitya is ageing, so the original pillars have been replaced with cement pillars to prevent a collapse. 5th century paintings can be seen on the surviving pillars.

Tourists can get down at Aurangabad and take a taxi to Pitalkhora, as it is the nearest place from these caves, which has got an airport and a railway station . Accommodation is available at the hotels at Aurangabad.